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You can install or update these packages through Nu Get.

The release also includes corresponding localized packages on Nu Get. This release adds support for the OData v4 protocol.

This does not happen for query strings such as /Employees? Following are some examples on what you could do with this new extensibility point: You can now use the Web API Client Nu Get package to implement your Web API client logic when targeting Windows Phone 8.1 or from within a Universal App. Following link is tracking the issue and also has details about a workaround. Issue: Scaffolding MVC/Web API into a project with 5.2.0 packages results in 5.1.2 packages for ones that don't already exist in the project Updating Nu Get packages for ASP. With this update, there is no longer a strict dependency on Microsoft. Core 6.4.0, but one can upgrade to any version between 6.4.0 and 7.0.0.This section describes known issues and breaking changes in the ASP. Issue: Overloaded Functions could not be exposed as Function Import If there are 2 overloaded functions and they are also Function Import as shown below then requesting ~/Get All Convention Customers(Customer Name=) results in System. Workaround: The workaround for this issue is to add both the function overloads as Function Imports. Enable Query Support extension method now adds an Enable Query Attribute to the global filter collection. NET MVC 5.2 does not update the Visual Studio tools such as ASP. In this release we have made a dependency change for , see Json.Customizing IDirect Route Provider will be easiest by extending our default implementation, Default Direct Route Provider. NET MVC 5.2, make sure the versions of Web API and ASP. This release also includes several bug fixes and minor feature updates.This class provides separate overridable virtual methods to change the logic for discovering attributes, creating route entries, and discovering route prefix and area prefix. An alternative workaround is to use the following code in your Web API configuration: Issue: Model binding of complex type which is decorated with From Uri attribute behaves differently when using Attribute Routing. You can find the complete list here: The Microsoft. OData 5.2.1 package contains Nu Get dependency updates but no bug fixes.

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