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The information on this website is not advice, and should not be treated as such. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to legal advice from your attorney or other professional legal services provider.” Cadell still stands behind her sexual consent form and recommends them for anyone and everyone from celebrities to average Joes, while The Affirmative Consent Project spends a lot of time trying to get their consent kits onto college campuses.

“Of course any contract is contestable, including a surgery consent form, prenuptial, or will,” Cadell says.

So these celebrities can protect themselves with condoms from STD’s and unwanted pregnancy, but another form of protection is to have a signed sexual consent form before having any sex.” However, the consent contracts or sex agreements are not legally binding documents.

Cadell says, “The sexual consent form is a cautionary way for one person to ask permission to have sex with another.” And there’s a disclaimer at the bottom of The Affirmative Consent Project’s site, which reads: “This website contains general information about legal matters.

“If she goes to the police after she has been raped [...] and you say, ‘It was consensual sex,’ you’re still going to get arrested,” Ruskin says. “The key issue is that consent is a fluid thing—that is, someone may give consent at one point in time, but may revoke it at another point in time.

Furthermore, someone might consent to one thing but not something else (e.g.

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Common features on board Celebrity brand ships feature aft-glass dining rooms, formal foyer areas, alternate dining venues, balcony and suite staterooms, pools and lounging areas, bars and lounges, libraries, spas and gyms, and relaxation areas.What exactly is a sexual consent contract or a sex agreement?It’s exactly what it sounds like—a signed contract stating that both people (or maybe multiple participants depending on what they’re into) consent to having sex.“It is certainly important for more education to be directed to young men [and women] with regards to consent and the laws surrounding sexual assault and sexual harassment,” Llewellyn says.“However this lack of knowledge does not provide us with any excuse. We all know the level of respect and care that is expected in friendships, amongst family, amongst colleagues.

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