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Published: 23 September 2014 According to Statistics Finland’s Labour Force Survey, the number of unemployed persons in August 2014 was 197,000, which was 6,000 higher than one year ago.

Adjusted for seasonal and random variation, the trend of the employment rate was 68.1 per cent.

Accessed February 16, 2015.↑ 4 The Community Guide. For some tables, the website does not allow for comparisons between two estimates, even though the data represent independent populations. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Available at: Youth Online: High School Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System. To the extent possible, the functionality of this application has limited estimate comparisons based on appropriate use of the independent z-test. This test is appropriate for comparing independent populations across years (e.g., 2011 versus 2012) or subgroups (e.g., Male versus Female) on corresponding measures.Younger high school students were also more likely to report being bullied than older students: 25.0 percent of 9th-graders reported being bullied at school compared to 13.3 percent of 12th-graders (figure 1). Similarly, 9th-graders were slightly more likely than 12th-graders to report being bullied electronically (16.1 versus 13.5 percent, respectively).

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