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The exciting yet tense premise of the film was that the cop might murder her, since she believed that he was the one who had received oral sex from the murdered woman and might possibly be the serial killer who murdered other female victims that he was investigating, although he vehemently denied any wrong-doing.She also had a close relationship with her younger half-sister Pauline (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who worked at the Baby Doll Lounge as a stripper/go-go girl - although Pauline was in love with a married doctor (and still wanted a traditional marriage), she often spoke explicitly about her frequent sexual relations: "I can remember every guy I ever f--ked by how he liked to do it, not how I wanted to do it," and ended up as another decapitated victim.", and he described (after briefly revealing his genitals as he laid back), with a hands-on demonstration, how he first learned about stimulating a woman.This was offered as a prelude to more missionary-position intercourse.

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He then casually strolled stark-naked into a country-western bikers' hangout called .In this tables-turned around romantic comedy by writer/director Nancy Meyers, 57 year-old Diane Keaton was notable for her Oscar-nominated role as sexy, mid-50s, divorced, successful playwright Erica Barry.In one notable scene, 63 year-old Viagra-taking record-company mogul Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) - who was dating younger women as girlfriends (including Erica's daughter Marin (Amanda Peet)) and revealing: "I'm dating your daughter" - came upon a naked and embarrassed Erica in her Hamptons beach house.In this straight-to-DVD-release romantic melodrama, Jessica Alba starred as half-native Iban/half-British Selima, the unlikely 'forbidden love' partner of a young English colonel named John Truscott (Hugh Dancy) sent to mid-1930s Sarawak in Malaysia to educate the natives and fulfill the vision of his father.Although Truscott was prudish to begin with, he soon fell in love with her, especially in a scene in which he learned the words for 'hand, arm, neck, lips, and breast' as he worked his way up to kissing her lips and her bared breast (an obvious body double).

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