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Although the chant sounds like it should be part of the Vikings and some reckon it is centuries old, there are also claims it did not originate in Iceland - and actually comes from the Scottish Premier League.

Read More The video will start in 8Cancel Play now And suddenly it is being aired as never before, with millions across the world tuning in to ask: What on earth is that chant.

You may hear a few of these cheers and chants jump over to other sports, such as football and basketball, since all these sports use some type of ball.

Many football cheers can be easily adapted to soccer, but also listen to chants and cheers at basketball games, hockey games and baseball games.

But as Cardiff City midfielder Aron Gunnarsson led the Icelanders version of the New Zealand haka in what is rapidly becoming the most iconic image of Euro 2016, just what are the origins of the chant.It’s upside down,” said Iceland captain Gunnarsson.Although many fans from other nations love the battlecry, it is hugely intimidating when heard so loudly in the cauldron of a football stadium.Asked if Iceland can go further in the tournament, the Bluebirds midfielder revealed the secret of their success.It is called the Huh and others insist it did come from the Vikings era, with the repeating of the guttural-sounding title over and over being an effort to terrify opponents.

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