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A in Social Corporate Responsibility and Law Governance from York University, class of 2010.

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Contests are rigged for those of you that know, KNOW. I love to scrapbook and have been doing so for the past 11 years.

Personal life Howell was born and raised in Wokingham, Berkshire.[2] He has a younger brother.[2] Before starting his You Tube channel, he worked in retail chains Focus DIY at the age of 16, and later at supermarket Asda.[3] After attending The Forest School, Howell went to the University of Manchester in 2010 to study law, but dropped out in order to pursue video blogging as a profession.[2] He currently lives in London with fellow You Tuber, BBC Radio 1 presenter and best friend Phil Lester,[4] and has since August 2011.[5] During a You Now live chat with fans in August 2015, in response to a query as to whether he was a feminist, he replied "absolutely" before criticising jokes, misunderstandings and ignorance surrounding feminism.

Together with frequent collaborator Phil Lester, Howell presented Sunday night entertainment show Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 from January 2013 until August 2014, and since September 2014 has been a monthly host on the station's Internet Takeover slot.

12) I'm hairy 😒 13) I am easily bored and get restless very quickly. 19) I hate shopping cos I never find my perfect size. I'll do the facts, but not the tagging (I'm assuming most of my guinea pig folk have already done this)! Not looking at it, but swimming in it or being in a tiny boat in it 😂 It creeps me out to even have my feet dangling in water where I can’t see the bottom!

16) The biggest hindrance to my blog right now is consistency. 18) I cut my hair 2yrs ago cos I was jealous of it. #barbara1923 #randomfacts #talking I was tagged by @2hippos to do 20 facts about me.

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