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By the way, have you heard she's opening a vegan restaurant?She hasn't really mentioned it yet so is sure to quietly slip it into conversation.As was alluded to last week, they have not been indulging in the physical act of love for a whole 30 days.

Francis has designed a badger-themed T-shirt for the occasion which he is showing Proudlock as Sophie enters, fresh from her 'date' with Jamie.'Are you an item now?Indulging in some erotic pancake making - with butter and eggs squirting all over the shop - Francis, Proudlock and Jamie are discussing Jamie's inability to not be in a miserable relationship.After last week's revelation that he and Frankie have continued to do the horizontal hula on the sly, Proudlock and Francis decide they must get Jamie back onto the dating scene, so as to direct his lustful temptations elsewhere.Sophie floats into the forest like a Weiße Frauen from the Bavarian Rhön (look it up) and ensures that Jamie doesn't spin any more yarns of faux romance.Meanwhile, Charlie and Tiff are asserting that they're better off as friends, which Tiff is clearly fuming about because at that very moment Sam enters the forest en route back from Borehamwood.

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