Policy on dating coworkers

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Start by checking whether your state has a non-discrimination law that would protect you from being fired, harassed, or discriminated against.Currently 21 states have such laws in place regarding sexual orientation, and 17 of those for gender identity as well.tell you not to dine with coworkers: * Dinnertime falls during work, and they want to stagger your breaks rather than having a bunch of you gone at once.* The dinner is actually a date, and you’re the date’s manager.

For instance, there was a case a while ago where a court ruled that it was legal for a company to prohibit security guards from socializing with other employees, because it could compromise security.“Often fears are overblown in our minds,” says Sarah Holland, an executive coach who formerly headed the Visibility Project, a national organization that helped corporations address issues of sexual orientation in the workplace.“The world is more receptive to LGBT individuals than it’s ever been before.Let Everybody Else Figure it Out While coming out to family and friends often happens with a discrete announcement, “in the reality of the workplace, coming out is more of a daily process, not an announcing that one is gay,” says Fidas.In other words, you need not go around to everyone from the IT guy to the mail clerk to formally and awkwardly inform them about your sexual orientation.

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