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At this point, we have two positive developments that I initially took at face-value like a total rube: Euron says he’s too scared of the wights to stay in mainland Westeros anymore, and declares that he’s going back to the Iron Islands to wait out the whole situation. Cersei is in top form in this episode, really doing impeccable emotional manipulation, and she leans on Jon hard with “I know Ned Stark’s son will be true to his word.” But Jon, being the world’s most handsome and honest doofus for long-term plot-related reasons, says he can’t make that promise.Within two minutes, we go from “everything is fixed!And she delivers the best line of the season, which I’m considering getting permanently affixed to my body: “I don’t care about checking my worst impulses.” She goes back to Dany and Jon (interrupting a conversation they are having about whether Daenerys should have trusted gynecological advice from a vengeful, murderous witch) and says again that she will send her armies to the North to help them.“When the Great War is over,” she tells them, “Perhaps you’ll remember I chose to help. I expect not.” ( 10) They do not have a response to that.Jon’s forgiveness is sweet, even though it does seem to come from a place of “Who cares at this point?We all have much brain damage from getting hit with things.” Oh well.The folks at Fantasizr say Jaime should get 5 for the line “Maybe it really is all cocks in the end.” If I had not already been asleep when they made that decision, I would have fought it with every ounce of strength in my body. Then it is announced that everyone will meet in the old dragon pit. We’re 10 minutes into the finale, and nearly every named character you ever cared about is walking around King’s Landing, as part of a huge herd. These two have a nice moment in which he says he has laid his grudge against a 14-year-old girl to rest. The Hound also runs into the Mountain, whom he tells, cryptically, “You know who’s coming for you.

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Tyrion, who looks more exhausted than we have ever seen him, even when he lived in a crate for a month, asks Jon, “Have you ever considered learning how to lie every now and then? ” ( 5) At this point, the King in the North bites back tears long enough to deliver a shoulder-dislocating reach of a speech about the value of truth-telling.Then it’s back to Dragonstone, where Jon and Daenerys decide to sail together to White Harbor to save the North. Just kidding, Ghost was deleted from the show entirely, and none of the characters ever bring it up. Daenerys got to bring two dragons to King’s Landing, and Jon couldn’t even bring wolf?If the CGI for the direwolves was going to be so freaking expensive, why did they commit to them in the first place?In a sweet ending (spoilers ahead), the show suggests that, regardless of how exactly Abbi and Ilana had met, they are such kindred spirits that they would have somehow ended up best friends anyway. Are you drinking red wine with your breakfast in celebration of some first-rate drunken diplomacy, or are you munching on bugs, training yourself to subsist on lean proteins in preparation for a hard winter?

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